Conduct Unbecoming

Cast & Crew


2nd Lt. Arthur Drake
2nd Lt. Edward Millington
2nd Lt. John Truly
2nd Lt. Simon Boulton
Lady at the Ball
Lal, an indian Servant Woman
Lt. Frank Hart
Major Alastair Wimbourne, V.C.
Mem Strang, The Colonel’s Lady
Mrs. Bandanai
Mrs. Marjorie Hasseltine
Pradah Singh, The Mess Major Domo
The Adjutant, Capt. Rupert Harper
The Colonel, Colonel Strang
The Doctor. Lt-Col, Maurice Pratt
The Junior Subaltern, 2nd Lt. Richard Fothergill
The Second in Command, Major Lionel Roach
The Second in Command, Major Lionel Roach


Designer – Sets


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