The Nutcracker

“Many of the final designs were lost via the Wright-Hepburn Gallery. They may have been sold. Frontcloth, Prologue, the Act 1 scenes missing. Act 2, Sc 1 missing, preliminary only for Sc 2 and tracing for snowstorm cut cloth. Design for Act 3 badly faded due to exhibition by British Council. Many final designs for principals and soloists also missing. Cranko’s ballet was an attempt to produce a version which both children and adults would find meaningful. It did not take but was wonderful and I live in hope that at some time it will be revived. There was a transformation scene from the dark enclosed world of reality to the glitter of the world of ice and snow. Papandik’s black ‘godmother’ dress also transformed at the same time” Ralph Adron

Cast & Crew




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