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This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

The action takes place in the drawing room of Copplestone Court, the Hailsham-Browns’ home in Kent, in 1935.

Cast & Crew


Clarissa Hailsham-Brown
Henry Hailsham-Brown / Constable Jones
Hugo Birch
Inspector Lord
Jeremy Warrender
Mildred Peake
Oliver Costello
Pippa Hailsham-Brown
Sir Rowland Delahaye
Clarissa Hailsham-Brown
  (started 21st September 2021)
  (started 21st September 2021)


Director / Designer
Production Co-ordinator
Props Supervisor
Costume Assistant
Costume Supervisor
Financial Advisor
Graphic Design
Lighting & Sound Design
Set Build
Set Build


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