Arsenic and Old Lace

In 1943, this production was attended by Winston Churchill on Thursday 25th March, by General Montgomery on Wednesday 19th May, and by King George VI on Wednesday 2nd June (his official birthday), accompanied by the Queen and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

Ruth Taylor and Gerald Barton joined the cast during periods of illness experienced by Lilian Braithwaite and Naunton Wayne, who later resumed their roles.

The run at the Strand Theatre totalled 1,337 performances.

Cast & Crew


Abby Brewster
Dr Einstein
Elaine Harper
Elaine Harper (replacement)
Elaine Harper (replacement)
Jonathan Brewster
Lieutenant Rooney
Martha Brewster
Mortimer Brewster
Mr Gibbs
Mr Witherspoon
Officer Brophy
Officer Klein
Officer O’Hara
Revd Dr Harper
Teddy Brewster
Teddy Brewster (replacement)
Abby Brewster (cover)
  (started 1944)
Mortimer Brewster (cover)
  (started 1944)
Officer O’Hara
  (started 5th March 1945)


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