The Farmer’s Wife

This very long run was sustained by Barry Jackson’s touring companies, which, as well as performing the play regionally, filled in regularly in London.

Cast & Crew


Araminta Dench
Churdles Ash
Dr Rundle
George Smerdon
glee singer
glee singer
glee singer
glee singer
Henry Coaker
Hon Mrs Tudor
Louisa Windeatt
Mary Hearn
Mrs Rundle
Petronell Sweetland
Rev Septimus Tudor
Richard Coaker
Samuel Sweetland
Sarah Smerdon
Sibley Sweetland
Sophie Smerdon
Susan Maine
Teddy Smerdon
Thirza Tapper
Valiant Dunnybrigg
Churdles Ash (replacement)
  (started February 1925)


Presented by
‘Blue Eye’ composed by


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