Richard Burke

He started his acting career in 1965, appearing at various theatres eg Eastbourne, Wolverhampton, Chelmsford, Bath, Wimbledon, Bexhill, etc. He became a regular on major UK tours of the 1970s as a juvenile/juvenile character lead, appearing with many stars of that era.

He gave up acting in the late 1970s to pursue a career in retail, as a partner in Adrians, the well-known, multi-award winning record (later video/DVD, CD) store based in Essex. When it was at its peak in the 80s and 90s, employing over 50 staff, he felt able to return to professional acting in a smallish way at the theatre at Chelmsford, very near the home of him and his partner, and over a ten-year period appeared there in leading roles in such plays as Amadeus, 40 Years On, Hay Fever, The Madness of George the Third, Broken Glass, The Forsyte Saga, Habeus Corpus, The Woman in Black, and Death and the Maiden.

As of 2014, Adrians is still going strong but in a much reduced way, in line with the times. Richard’s input is these days minimal – just as he wants it to be!

Richard has, for the last 15 years, been a leading actor on business training courses in the UK and Europe. He counts himself very lucky to have added another acting string to his bow. He is now semi-retired and lives happily with his partner of 45 years in an old riverside mill house in the heart of the Norfolk countryside

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