Susan Mapp

I auditioned for the part of a fairy in A Midsummer Nights Dream 1962, aged 12yrs. at the RSC, Stratford, at that age I didn’t appreciate the the enormity of what I had achieved and got a little bored with being tutored in Stratford and the length of the commitment , I think the production ran for about 12months. Why did I not realise I was working with such famous people? Dame Judi Dench, Ian Richardson, Ian Holm, Diana Riggs, Bill Travers etc…. I am now 63yrs old. Mother of 3 beautiful boys, sadly widowed, but still have a talking point, I did achieve, and friends are amazed that I met such wonderful people. I remember Judi Dench as being the kindest person, Ian Richardson was so lovely, Ian Holm, I loved from afar, but he shouted at me once for being in the wings and being in his way as he exited the stage, but you know what… He came out of the wrong wing.. So Ian, it wasn’t,t my fault! You made a mistake, I was devastated.

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