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I was brought up in North Somerset as it was then. My parents were avid theatre-goers and, at first, introduced me to the Old Vic pantomimes. The first adult play they brought me to was O, My Papa! My mother had seen it a few nights beforehand and thought I would enjoy it They then took me to see Twelfth Night. It was an interesting production because there was little scenery, and props, such as trees etc., were stagehands carrying tree branches, like in Shakespeare’s time, my mother explained to me at the time.
I was in boarding school in Bath and we were often brought to Shakespeare productions. Then, my schoolfriend and I went to see plays, on our own, by Pinter and Ionesco and those in which Leonard Rossiter was playing.
Later, I was studying Aeronautical engineering design at Bristol so, until late 1964, when I moved to London, I went to see as many plays as I could at the Old Vic.

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