The White Devil

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The White Devil is a retelling of a true story. In 1473, at the age of 16, Vittoria Accoramboni was married to a nephew of Cardinal Montalto. At the age of 23, she met Paolo Giordano Orsini, Duke of Bracciano. He fell desperately in love with Vittoria and ordered her husband’s murder. The two were married, but Bracciano died eight months later. The Medicis challenged his will, in which he left his fortune in Vittoria’s charge, and when she refused to listen to them, they had her assassinated.

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  1. On 28th June 2019 at 12:24 p.m., Patricia noted:

    In Scandinavia the play was produced by Donald Beves, Stage Manager – John Dreyfus, Setting and Scenery – by Ronald Dickinson and The Chiswick Studio, Costumes design – by B.J. Simmons

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