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The Disciplinary Committee of the General Medical Council of Great Britain meets twice yearly to consider cases of alleged professional misconduct.
These cases can range from Disregard of personal responsibility to patients, to Misuse of drugs, or Abuse of professional position to commit adultery.
The Committee consists of a president, a qualified legal adviser, and a number of medical and lay members, who hear the cases and pass judgement.
If a doctor is struck off the register, he ceases to be entitled to practise.
The procedure of the Committee is closely akin to a court of law, but the Committee and its president act as both judge and jury.
Winston Graham

Cast & Crew


A Doctor
April Durgan
Arthur Matthews
Clerk of the Court
Dudley Robinson
John Digby, President’s Adviser
Lord Scarton
Mary Volgis
Maurice Durgan
Peter Thomas
Raymond Palmer
Vivien Palmer


Costumes designed by
Lighting Designer


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