Dangerous to Know

The first stage adaptation of a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel.

Lana Morris became ill after the first night and died the next day. Eileen Page went on (with the script) at the press night, which was attended by Taylor Bradford. (‘Lana dies after opening night’, Reading Evening Post 5th June 1998, page 33.) Moira Lister was announced on 29th May as Morris’ permanent replacement, but in the event the role went to Helen Ryan. (‘Theatre guide’, Buckinghamshire Examiner 29th May 1998, page 15.)

Halfway through the tour, Michael Praed dropped out unexpectedly, with Christopher Timothy replacing him at Bristol. (‘Praed takes a bow out of Bristol show’, The Stage 16th July 1998, page 4.)

Cast & Crew


Countess Zoe de Granaille
Cyrus Locke
Detective Kennelly
Jack Locke
Luciana Locke
Vivienne Trent
Countess Zoe de Granaille (temporary replacement)
  (27th May – 6th June 1998)
Countess Zoe de Granaille (replacement)
  (started 9th June 1998)
Jack Locke (replacement)
  (started 13th July 1998)


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