A Tale of Two Cities

Cast & Crew


Attorney-General + Gabelle + Wood-sawyer
Charles Darney
Dr Alexandre Manette
Ernest Defarge
Gaspard’s Son
Jerry Cruncher
John Barsad
Lucie Manette
Lucie’s Daughter
Lucile Cadoux
Madame Defarge
Miss Pross
Mr Jarvis Lorry
Mr Stryver + Gaspard
Mrs Cruncher + The Vengeance
President of The Tribunal
Sydney Carton
Young Jerry
The Marquis St Evremonde
  (28th September – 4th October 1989)
The Marquis St Evremonde + President of The Tribunal
  (5th – 21st October 1989)




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Photo credits

  • 1989 A Tale Of Two Cities, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, Own work


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