The Swaggering Soldier

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

Translated by E F Watling

Cast & Crew


Acroteleutium, a courtesan
  (credited as Sara Kestleman)
Cario, Periplectomenus’s cook
Lurcio, underslave in the soldier’s house
Milphidippa, Acroteleutium’s maid
Palaestrio, Pyrgopolynices’s confidential slave
Periplectomenus, an elderly neighbour
Philocomasium, the soldier’s concubine
Pleusicles, a young man in love with Philocomasium
Pyrgopolynices, a handsome and conceited soldier
Sceledrus, another slave
Slave; Acrobat
Slave; Acrobat
Slave; Acrobat
Slave; Acrobat
Slave; Acrobat


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