Pick-Up Girl

Queen Mary’s visit to this play when it was presented in club conditions (Saturday matinee, 25th May 1946) was reputed to have swayed the Lord Chamberlain in lifting the ban on it for public exhibition, leading to its West End transfer in July. (‘As Hannen Swaffer Sees It’, The People 23rd June 1946, page 2.)

Doreen Hughes left the cast in order to play the leading role, Elizabeth Collins, in Tom Arnold’s first touring production of the play, which began at the Palace Theatre, Reading on 2nd September 1946.

Cast & Crew


Alexander Elliott
court clerk
door attendant
Elizabeth Collins [New Lindsey]
Elizabeth Collins [West End]
Jackie Polumbo
Judge Bentley
Larry Webster
Miss Porter
Miss Russell
Mr Brill
Mr Collins
Mrs Busch
Mrs Collins
Mrs Marti
Peter Marti
Policeman Owens
Ruby Lockwood
Ruby Lockwood [occasional replacement]
[original New Lindsey cast]
[original New Lindsey cast]
[original New Lindsey cast]
Mary [replacement]
  (started August 1946)


Director / Producer
Presented by (New Lindsey)
Presented by (West End)
Stage Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Scenery built by
Scenery painted by


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