Jane Eyre

A musical ‘freely adapted’ from the Charlotte Brontë novel.

This was Malcolm Russell’s 369th play at this theatre.

Scheduled for three weeks, this production was extended to four owing to popular demand.

Revived at the same theatre from 10th July to 18th August 1973, with Diane Todd in the title role again.

Book: Hal Shaper, Roy Harley Lewis
Lyrics: Hal Shaper
Music: Monty Stevens

Cast & Crew


Adele Varens
Bertha Rochester
Blanche Ingram
Diana Rivers / Julia Temple
Edward Rochester
Frederick Ingram
Grace Poole
guest / servant
guest / servant
Henry Ingram
Jane Eyre
Lady Ingram
Lady Lynn
Lord Ingram
Mary Rivers / orphan / Adele [temporary replacement]
Mrs Fairfax
orphan / guest
orphan / guest
orphan / guest
orphan / guest
Revd Wood / coachman
Richard Mason
Sir George Lynn
St John Rivers


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Stage Director
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