Yes We Have No Pyjamas

Taglines: ‘On stage – an X Certificate production’ and ‘The Funniest, Naughtiest Romp you ever did see!!’

The double inverted commas in the title were included in the play’s advertising, etc.

Punters coming to the first night at Harlow were given a ¬£1 refund because the set wasn’t finished. Elderly audience members then walked out when the star took her clothes off. (‘Oh what a farce, Fiona!’, Daily Mirror 7th February 1979, page 11.)

Fifty women members of Wimbledon Baptist Church protested outside Wimbledon Town Hall and Wimbledon Theatre on Tuesday 20th February, in advance of the show’s appearance there. Fiona Richmond travelled down from Norwich to meet them. (‘A holy war on Fiona’, Daily Mirror 21st February 1979, page 15.)

The Good Friday performance at Birmingham Hippodrome was disallowed by the Conservative-led local council. (‘Now we have ’em – now we don’t!’, The Stage 8th March 1979, page 1.)

Fiona Richmond missed the Liverpool week owing to a wisdom tooth problem. She was replaced by Fiona Douglas-Stewart. (Joe Riley, ‘From Butterfly to Star of Nude Comedy’, Liverpool Echo 23rd April 1979, page 7.)

Cast & Crew


  (credited as Miss Fiona Richmond)
Master of Ceremonies
Stanley Oldroyd
Julia (temporary replacement)
  (23rd – 28th April 1979)
Stanley Oldroyd (replacement)
  (June 1979)



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