Diary Of A Somebody

The year is 1966. A shabby bedsit in Angel. Joe Orton, who lives with his lover Kenneth Halliwell, is becoming the most successful young playwright in Britain. His West End hit Loot is voted Play of the Year. His work is adapted for TV. The Beatles demand that he write their new movie.‍

In 8 months he’ll be brutally murdered by the person closest to him.

Taken verbatim from Joe Orton’s private and sexually explicit diaries, staged for the first time in 35 years in a raucous and poignant new production by Nico Rao Pimparé, Diary of a Somebody is a deep dive into the mind of one of the most witty, rebellious and acclaimed artists of his generation

Cast & Crew


Kenneth Halliwell
Joe Orton
  (25th March – 30th April 2022)
Kenneth Williams & 16 other parts
  (28th March – 30th April 2022)
  (ended 30th April 2022)


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    5* review from the Guardian

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