Le Langage du Corps

Presented by Patricia MacNaughton for MacNaughton Lowe Representation Ltd in Association with the RSC. (1 performances)

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  1. On 9th January 2013 at 4:35 p.m., Alison noted:

    Unfortunately the performance only lasted a few minutes as some members of the audience started to shout out for M. Barrault to speak in English. He was clearly upset by this and tried to explain what he was wanting to do but he eventually left the stage when the shouting didn’t stop. It was a great pity as a small group of people spoiled the evening for the majority of the audience. We felt very sorry for M. Barrault who should not have been subjected to this treatment. The Barbican refunded everyone who requested it but had failed to make clear in their publicity that the performance would be in French. I have put photos of the programme on Flickr.

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