The last week of a massive international tour and rock star Paul, is at the height of his fame. Everybody knows his name. Whatever he wants he can have. He can screw anybody he wants to. He can buy anything he desires. He can eat anything. Drink anything. Smoke anything. Go anywhere.

As the inevitability of the end of the road looms closer, and a return home becomes a reality, for Paul, the music is starting to jar.

A piercing new play looking at empathy, money and fame.

Cast & Crew


Annalisa / Madeline / Luc / Claudie / DC Richer
David / Louis / Marc / Martin / Alistair
Jenny / DC Evans
Marnie / Lucy / Sophie / Nicola


Assistant Designer
Assistant Designer
Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Casting Director
Composer & Sound Designer
Costume Designer
Costume Supervisor
Deputy Stage Manager
Dialect Coach
Lighting Designer
Movement Director
Production Manager
Set Designer
Stage Management Work Placement
Stage Manager
Stage Manager


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Photo credits

  • Birdland by Donald Cooper, Creative Commons Attribution


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