This production was originally due to run from 7th April to 15th July 2020 (with press night scheduled for 15th April), but was postponed by the UK lockdown.

Had the show gone ahead as planned, Isis would have been played by Eliot Salt, Pete by Pearce Quigley and Ted by Ben Daniels; the cast was otherwise the same. Lighting designer would have been Paule Constable, video designer Andrzej Goulding, staff director Nyasha Gudo, assistant costume designer Irene Bohan, with company voice work credited to Simon Money.

The play finally opened – with cast and crew modifications – on 16th November 2021.

Cast & Crew


Diana Stuckley
Ted Farrier
U/S Anton
U/S Diana
U/S Dora
U/S Fiske, Pete
U/S Isis
U/S Ripley
U/S Ruth
U/S Ted, Perry


Company Voice Work
Company Voice Work
Composer and Sound Designer
Dialect Coach
Fight Director
Intimacy Coordinator
Lighting Designer
Set and Costume Designer
Staff Director
Stage Manager
Stage Supervisor
Video Designer
Wigs, Hair & Make-Up Supervisor
Additional Costume Artwork
Assistant Costume Designer / Costume Supervisor
Assistant Costume Supervisor
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Associate Set Designer
Associate Sound Designer
Cloths printed by
Construction Supervisor
Covid Compliance Supervisor
Deputy Stage Manager
Digital Art
Lighting Programmer
Lighting Supervisor
Model Maker
Musician: cello
Musician: viola
Musician: violin
Production Manager
Production Photographer
Production Sound Engineer
Project Draughting
Project Draughting
Project Producer
Prop Buyer
Prop Coordinator
Prop Supervisor
Rigging Supervisor
Running Wardrobe Supervisor
Scenic Art Supervisor
Sound No 2
Sound No 3
Sound Operator


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Play description

This place is about to blow. A violent storm sweeps the coast. Diana Stuckley and her daughter are struggling to keep the roof on their run-down manor house, when neighbours and strangers begin to appear on their doorstep, seeking shelter from the floods. One of these unexpected arrivals is Ted Farrier, the charismatic leader of a right-wing organisation: he could be Diana’s saviour – or pull the fragile household to pieces. Stranded together, this explosive mix of people must survive the weather, and each other.


  1. On 28th July 2020 at 3:32 p.m., alexpacker noted:

    This production was midway through rehearsals when all performances were cancelled. It didn’t complete its rehearsal process and therefore didn’t play to an audience which it was due to do on 7th April 2020 (first preview). Press Night was due to take place on 15th April 2020.

    This was due to the UK lockdown and theatre shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

    It is not known if this production will be re-mounted when the National Theatre re-opens in late 2020 or early 2021.

  2. On 28th July 2020 at 3:37 p.m., alexpacker noted:

    Interestingly, this production appears to have its understudies sharing duties with All Of Us, a play that was due to open in the neighbouring Dorfman Theatre in the building. There are no understudies in the Dorfman due to budgetary constraints. I assume that those company members were ensemble members in All of Us in the Dorfman Theatre and understudies for Manor in the Lyttelton Theatre. I’m unsure how it would work if an actor was needed to perform in both productions on the same night.

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