“The Management cannot be responsible for patrons who may faint or feel unwell, but First Aid Attendants are in the Theatre throughout the performance.” – programme note

The ‘Effects Manager’ credit was given in some programmes as ‘Effects Control’. When Joan Harding (replacement effects manager) took over the role of Mary Wells, the effects credit was dropped.

Cast & Crew


Count Dracula
Dr Seward
John Harker
Lucy Seward
Mary Wells
R M Renfield
Van Helsing
Mary Wells (replacement)
  (started 12th July 1951)
John Harker (temporary replacement)
  (23rd July – 4th August 1951)
Van Helsing (replacement)
  (started 20th August 1951)


Decor by
Director / Lighting Design
Effects Manager
Stage Director
Stage Manager
Presented by
Presented by
Press Representative
Press Representative
Publicity Manager
Scenery built by
Effects Manager (replacement)
  (started June 1951)
Stage Director (replacement 1)
  (started July 1951)
Stage Manager (replacement 1)
  (started July 1951)
Stage Manager (replacement 2)
  (started July 1951)
Stage Director (replacement 2)
  (started August 1951)


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Play description

This is Hamilton Deane’s DRACULA adaptation, itself adapted by John L Balderston for presentation on Broadway in October 1927.

Photo credits


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