Justice is a Woman

Flora Robson was originally cast as Julia Stanford QC but was prevented from appearing at Brighton by illness. Her place was taken by Joy Andrews until the last week of the pre-London tour, when Constance Cummings took over. (The Stage 20th October 1966, page 13; 27th October 1966, page 15.)

Cast & Crew


a maid
a prisoner officer
Adrian Beresford
Alistair MacLeod
Allan Harper
Captain Cruickshank
chief prison officer
Clerk of the Court
Coral Harper
court officer
Hugh Campbell QC
Inspector Firth
Junior Counsel for the Prosecution
Lord Justice Dunleven
Major Laird
Mr Gowan
Mr Miller
police officer
the mace bearer
Valerie Gowan
Julia Stanford QC
  (17th October – 5th November 1966)
Mrs Gowan
  (17th October – 5th November 1966)
  (started 7th November 1966)
Julia Stanford QC
  (started 7th November 1966)
Mrs Gowan
  (started 7th November 1966)


Decor by
Press Representative
Assistant Stage Manager
Company and Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
General Manager
Interval music by
Wardrobe Mistress
  (credited as Mrs Elsie Codner)


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