Drawing the Line

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

2013 play about the partition of India

Cast & Crew


Antonia Radcliffe
Christopher Beaumont
Clement Atlee
Cyril Radcliffe
Dalit Woman / Kalvati / Refugee
Dalit Woman / Taravati / Refugee
Lady Mountbatten
Lord Mountbatten
Lord Pethick-Lawrence / Sergeant
Photographer / Aide to Nehru / Abeer / Chaudri
Village Elder / Gandhi / Justice Teja Singh
Villager / Justice Mahajan
Villager / Liaquat / Justice Din Mohammad
Young Villager / Aide to Nehru / Aide to Mahajan / Lord Krishna
Young Villager / Rao V D Ayer



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