Cinderella works in her late father’s shop, but her Stepmother and Stepsisters, Bella and Ella, are doing their very best to make her life a misery. They’ve taken over the business, and poor Cinderella is doing ALL the work, while they are living their best life … it’s SO unfair!

Cinderella’s work mate and best pal, Buttons, is furious that she’s so badly treated, but Cinders is more concerned about how the rest of the workforce are feeling – unlike Bella and Ella, who only care about SHOPPING!

And now it’s all change – the business is modernising, shop staff siblings Stella and Arthur are being laid off, and Buttons seems to have disappeared into thin air … what’s going on? And who’s that mysterious woman peering in the shop window? I’m sure she wasn’t there a second ago … very strange.

Throw in a Prince who has renounced all Royal duties, a Charity Ball, plus some Riverside Wildlife, and a cracking pair of shoes, and we have our story of Cinderella to share with you. Come and join us on our adventure – you’re ALL invited to the Ball!
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Cast & Crew


Bella (Ugly Sisters)
Ella (Ugly Sister)
Evil Stepmother
Fairy Godmother


Lighting Designer
Musical Director
Production manager
Scenery and Costume Designer


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