The Frog

The West End run achieved 481 performances.

Gordon Harker, Jack Hawkins and Cyril Smith all appeared in the film version, which was made at Pinewood in January-February 1937.

A touring production of the play, produced by Prince Littler, began at Blackpool Opera House on 15th March 1937.

Cast & Crew


A Nurse / Kitty
A Tramp
Acting Number 13 / Prison Warder
Announcer of Scenes
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff (replacement)
Detective Sergeant Elk
Ezra Maitland
Hagen, Manager of Heron’s Club
John Bennett
Joshua Broad
Lola Bassano
Lola Bassano (replacement)
Number 37
PC Balder
Philo Johnson
Philo Johnson (replacement)
Prison Chaplain (replacement)
Prison Governor
Prison Warder
Ray Bennett
Richard Gordon of Scotland Yard
Sanders, Doorkeeper, Heron’s Club (replacement)
Sanders, Doorkeeper, Heron’s Club / Prison Chaplain
Spike Brady
Stella Bennett


Presented by
Production Manager
Scenery / Set Designer
Scenery / Set Designer
Scenery Builder
Stage Manager
Stage Manager


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