The Caucasian Chalk Circle, by Bertholt Brecht, translated by Alistair Beaton

Cast & Crew


Adjutant, Farmer, Jessup, 1st Soldier
Cook, Old Upper-Class Woman, Aniko
Expert, Fat Prince, Sergeant, Grand Duke, Old Man
First Doctor, Maro, Younger Upper-Class Lady, Fat Prince’s Nephew, 1st Rich Farmer, Lawyer 1
Governor’s Wife, Merchant Woman, Soldier, Servant, 2nd Woman
Governor, Innkeeper, Lavrenti, Shauva
Horseman, Architect, Soldier, Azdak.
Kato, Grusha
Second Doctor, Innkeeper’s Servant, Merchant Man, First Woman, Farmer’s Wife, Horseman
Simon Chachava, Old Peasant Milk Man, Monk, Irakli/Bandit
The Singer, Lawyer 2
Young Woman, Farmer’s Wife, Jussup’s Mother, 2nd Soldier


Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Company Stage Manager
Costume Supervisor
Deputy Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager in Rehearsals
Design Dept
Design Dept
Design Dept
Design Dept
Lighting Designer
Production Manager/Sound Designer
Scenic and Costume Designer
Stage Manager
Technical Department
Technical Department
Technical Department

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