The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by Jethro Compton

Cast & Crew


Alexander Ainsworth/Conscription Officer/John Jenkin/Landlord/Locryn/Morlan/Movie Producer/Mr Lewis/Mrs Hdge/priest/Shopkeeper/Tailor
Arthur Trenlee/Drunkard/Harbour Master/Jack Teague/Movie Producer/Mrs Dyer/Psychologist/Roger Button/Supervisor/Tewes
Avoryow/Doctor/Employer/Movie Producer/Mr Nance/Showman/Young Elowen
Benjamin Button/Mr Gladstone/Tonnow
Local Man/Farmer/Mary Button/Mine Foreman/Miss Moncrief/Market Seller/Movie Producer/Neighbour/Older Elowen/Philosopher/Midwife/Treth


Additional Carpentry
Additional Carpentry
Assistant Director
Associate Director
Associate Sound Designer
Construction and Scenic Assistant
Cornish Translator
Costume Designer
Movement Director
Music/Lyrics/Musical Director
Original story
Puppetry Design
Puppetry Director
Scenic Assistant
Scenic Assistant
Set and Lighting Design
Sound Designer
Stage Manager

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