Peer Gynt

This production shared the Christmas-New Year season at Oxford Playhouse with a revival of TOAD OF TOAD HALL.

Cast & Crew


Arab / village boy / others
Aslak / lunatic / others
Begriffenfeldt / troll courtier
bridegroom’s father / troll courtier / others
Button Moulder
Fellah / Thin Person / others
Greenclad Woman / lunatic / others
Huhu / boatswain / others
Ingrid / village girl / others
Kari / lunatic / others
Mads Moen / Man in Grey / others
Monsieur Ballon / parish officer / others
Mr Cotton / Hussein / others
Old Man of the Mountains / others
Peer Gynt
Solveig’s mother / lunatic / others
The Watch / lunatic / others
troll child / lunatic / others
troll child / lunatic / others
troll child / lunatic / others
troll witch / lunatic / others
Trumpeterstraale / others
Von Eberkopf / Strange Passenger


Music by
Production Co-ordinator
Wardrobe Mistress
Wardrobe Supervisor
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Company & Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager

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  1. On 19th May 2020 at 4:59 p.m., Victoria noted:

    I saw this production and was mesmerised by the richness of the costumes and scenery and still immediately recognise the music when it comes on Classic FM. A great event when I was 18ish – just coming up to 70! Did wonder where I saw it and thought it was in the Solent Flour Mills but obviously very nearby!

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