Queen Anne

Cast & Crew


Abigail Hill (Acts 1 & 2)
Abigail Hill (Acts 3 & 4), Jonathan Swift
Arthur Maynwaring, Prince George
Defoe, Lady Clarendon, Samuel Masham
Jack Churchill, King William, Doctor Radcliffe
John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough
Princess Anne (later Queen), (Acts 1&2), Lady Somerset
Queen Anne (Acts 2,3 & 4)
Robert Harley
Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
Sydney Godalphin, Singer


Assistant Director
Assistant Lighting & Sound Designer
Assistant Stage Manager
Company Stage Manager
Costume Supervisor
Deputy Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Design Department
Design Department
Design Department
Design Department
Lighting Designer
Production Manager/Sound Designer
Scenic and Costume Designer
Stage Manager
Technical Department

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