The Wisest Fool

Cast & Crew


Bess Raleigh
Doctor Jacquinto/Count Gondomar
Henry, Prince of Wales
James I
Queen Anne
Sir Francis Bacon
Sir George Villiers
Sir Robert Carr
Sir Robert Cecil
Sir Thomas Overbury
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir William Wade
Sir Thomas Overbury
  (30th July – 17th August 1974)




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  1. On 14th December 2021 at 1:37 p.m., EvilTwinBob noted:

    I played Sir Thomas Overbury at the Yvonne Arnaud Guildford Theatre stint. I would appreciate it if this were noted. My agent at the time was Margaret Lindsay part of London Management. We are always getting accused of falsifying credits and this can be embarassing.
    Geoffrey Kirkness (present agent Byron’s Management).

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