Murder Hunt

Imagine you are in a remote corner of Africa where superstition still abounds, marooned in a safari Lodge, far from civilisation, when your wife mysteriously disappears! This is the plight of Peter Haynes. He soon learns that his fellow guests may not be all they seem. For instance Sally Bourne, slim, pretty and bright. Mark and Clare Cooper, middle-aged, smartly-dressed and boring. Frank Larby, attorney and financial advisor. And onto this scene comes an unconventional, unpredictable local policeman, Captain K’Maka. He is soon confirming your worst fear – your wife has been murdered! The killer? Each of the hunters has a motive for killing Ann Haynes. Was it for something as simple as her jewellery ? Or something more involved, more sinister? As a storm rages overhead another brutal murder takes place. A second policeman, Aboo, wants to use the dark forces of a bygone age to find the culprit. K’Maka makes an arrest. But then the phone rings. Your wife may still be alive! The nightmare continues! And so to a stunning denouement, the guilty exposed, try to escape. But this is Africa. A savage justice awaits.

Cast & Crew


Ann Haynes
Captain K’Maka
Clare Cooper
Frank Larby
Mark Cooper
Peter Haynes
Sally Bourne




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