The Doctor’s Story

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Part of George Elliot trilogy

Cast & Crew


Caleb Garth
Dorothea Brooke
Dr Sprague
Dr Tertius Lydgate
Fred Vincy
Mr Farebrother
Mr Featherstone
Mr Raffles
Mr Trumbull
Mr Vincy
Mr Wrench
Mrs Abel
Mrs Bulstrode
Mrs Plymdale
Mrs Vincy
Ned Plymdale
Nicholas Bulstrode
Rosamond Vincy
Sir Godwin Lydgate
Will Ladislaw


Assistant Designer
Associate Director
Costume Supervisor
Music Supervisor
Original novel “Middlemarch”
Production Photographer
Production Technician
Stage Manager/Lighting Designer
Trainee Director
Trainee Director

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  1. On 20th November 2013 at 5:15 p.m., mushnik1942 noted:

    This is the second part of the “Middlemarch Trilogy” – the first part being “Dorothea’s Story”, and the third part being “Fred and Mary”.

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