Persuasion, by Jane Austen

Persuasion is a story of a love diverted. Anne Elliott and Frederick Wentworth fall deeply in love, and yet their happiness is thwarted when Anne is persuaded by another to decline his offer of marriage. An entire war and 8 years of time separate them, when once again they are reintroduced…

This production of Persuasion will be a traditional text transported to an ethereal set that allows the story to move through different locations and time.

Cast & Crew


Admiral Croft
Anne Elliot
Charles Musgrove
Elizabeth Elliot / Mrs Harville
Frederick Wentworth
Lady Russell
Louisa Musgrove
Mary Musgrove / Mrs Smith
Mr Benwick
Mr William Elliot / Mr Harville
Mrs Clay / Mrs Croft
Sir Walter Elliot


Assistant Director
Costume Design
Lighting and Sound Design
Lighting and Sound Operation
Set Design
Stage Manager


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