A Pin to See the Peepshow

adapted from the novel by F. Tennyson Jesse based on a true story

Cast & Crew


Anne Ackroyd
Bertha Starling
Dr Ackroyd
Elsa Beale/Prison Officer
George Beale/Dr Ogilvie
Herbert Starling
Julia aged 12
  (credited as Tabitha Parrick)
Julia Almond
Leonard aged 8
Leonard Carr
Mrs Almond/Mrs Humble
Mrs Carr/Prison Officer
The Judge


Assistant Stage Manager/Properties
Costume Co-ordinator
Costume Co-ordinator
Lighting & Sound Design and Lighting Operation
Poster & Programme Design
Sound Operator
Stage Manager/Front of House Coordinator


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Play description

Based on the notorious Thompson and Bywaters murder case of 1922.


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