Identified @ actor, Esme Percy

The Little Dream

An allegory in 1 act & 7 scenes by John Galsworthy. Given at the Gaiety, Manchester from Mon 10 April 1911 for 3 weeks to Sat 29 Apr 1911 sharing with 2 other productions and then again at the Court, London 28 Oct 1912 with only Irene Clarke in both. This is the Manchester cast. Music by Wolfgang von Bartels of Munich. The book was published by Scribners in New York 1911 and Duckworth in London in 1911 and 1912.

Cast & Crew


Felsman, a guide & The Cow Horn
Lamond, a climber
Mountain Dandelion
Seelchen, a mountain girl
The Alpenrose
The Edelweiss
The Gentian
The Great Horn
The Wine Horn


  • Identified @ actor, Esme Percy

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Play description

An allegory in 1 act & 7 scenes given perhaps twice at the Gaiety, Manchester including on Sat 15 April 1911.

The part of the Mountain Dandelion was taken by Miss Bertha Sweeney on Sat 15 Apr 1911.


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