Romeo & Juliet for All Time

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The most famous lovers in history pick up where they thought they’d left off – literally.
Reunited, with the help of their very (very) ‘ghostly father’ Friar Laurence, they are given one ‘borrowed’ hour. One small hour to put right the mistakes of their earlier life – or face oblivion.
Can they, with Friar Laurence’s magic, save themselves this time round?
For lovers of the original tragedy, this is a unique chance to revisit the play, from a completely different angle. The words of Shakespeare are heard throughout, as the twosome are forced to relive scenes from their earlier ‘lives’, over and over again. In doing so the original themes and feelings are brought into sharp focus.
A wonderful, touching drama for all – and a veritable feast for people who love their Shakespeare.
Media Reviews
EDINBURGH: Hairline “The playwright, Frank Bramwell, has struck on a very clever idea and created an intelligently written play which luckily never slips into an English Literature style discussion. So, forget Shakespeare’s version, put your thinking cap on and prepare to be re-educated!”
BUXTON FRINGE “But we had a lot of fun on the way … a fascinating tangent … another hour of life …see if you can manage to right the wrongs … new interpretations brought about solely by inflection, body language and superb acting. Some of these contained hilarious moments … I don’t think I’ve ever seen such raw energy and physical commitment in a Fringe performance. This was a complex and very clever … new look at the play. Take your sharpest wits with you, and listen carefully, but also be prepared to be carried along by the pace, skill and style of the presentation.”
Audience Feedback
“… an outstanding show.” “I was so overcome with emotion that by the end I couldn’t stop shaking.”

“ This coupled with the clever, imaginative slant on the original script resulted in a truly magical evening’s entertainment.” “Cutting-edge playwriting. Highly recommended.”

“… . . is layered with meaning and spirituality in a broader sense; it is a play that challenges and intrigues the audience.”

“Witnessing the differing styles of delivery of similar dialogue throughout, taught me more about performing Shakespeare than I ever thought possible. I just hope I can keep the memory in my mind always.”

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