That’s No Lady, That’s My Husband

This was a continuation, with two cast changes, of the previous autumn’s touring production (qv) – but it still didn’t reach the West End. Retitled THE BREADWINNER, the play finally did so in 1974 (qv), but then ran for only five weeks.

The Birmingham week was a late addition to this tour, replacing the scheduled SIGNS OF THE TIMES (qv) when Kenneth More’s illness prevented that show opening. (Anthony Everitt, ‘Kenneth More out of Alex premiere’, Birmingham Daily Post 17th March 1973, page 3.)

Cast & Crew


Brutus Griffin
Charles Plummer
Hilary Plummer
Pat Plummer




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Play description

This comedy, dealing with the reversal of roles between husband and wife, was revived in 1974 under a new title, THE BEDWINNER (qv).


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