Stop It Nurse

This summer season attracted 104,918 punters, who in all paid out £60,257. (‘The Civic Scene: Torbay Box Office Figures’, The Stage 6th December 1973, page 9.)

Cast & Crew


Bert Cooper
Dolorous Maxwell
Dr B C Dimple
Felix Ramsay
Harold Smiley
Mrs Martha Cooper
Nurse Freda Ferguson
Nurse Gloria Holmes
Phylis Russell
Sammy McCracken
Ward Sister Winterbottom


Stage Manager
Wardrobe Mistress
Assistant to the Director

Seen by


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  1. On 20th December 2015 at 12:43 a.m., richinterface noted:

    I saw quite a few of the Carry on stage shows while on holiday with my family during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Though I remember little now, one of the funniest moments of this play happened when Charles Hawtrey as Dimple was handing out pills to a line of reluctant patients……“One for you, one for you and one for you…” At this moment a young child cried out in the audience and Hawtrey replied…"No none for you…! One for you, one for you….and so on. This comeback brought the house down with laughter. I don’t think I had ever heard anything so loud.

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