The Englishman Amused

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The Englishman Amused is an hilarious review of the pleasures, pastimes, follies andfoibles that have diverted the English over the centuries – right up to the present day. In a wide variety of colourfully-costumed, presented to a witty and tuneful musical accompaniment, it light-heartedly ranges over such topics as the splendid gluttony of Medieval Feasting, the elegant dissipation of “Taking the Cure” in 18th Century Bath, the hallowed rituals of English Cricket and the Victorian delight in the farcical exploits of “Charlie’s Aunt” – while the bawdy Georgian gallantry of Fanny Hill, Gilbert and Sullivan’s wickedly amusing tilt at the House of Lords and the slapstick humours of English Pantomime with it’s traditional “drag” Dame and shapely, feminine Principal Boy, all come in for their fair share of comic portrayal.

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