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Acceptance based on true stories, follows the story of Scarlet, 30, who since the age of 15 has spent her life trying to fit in and be liked and loved by others – friends, family and men. Pressured by her need to be popular and fit into her surroundings she finds the easiest way to make herself feel confident, strong, chatty and liked is to go out and have a drink.

She believes that going out and drinking nearly every night of the week is the way to make her happy and find the man of her dreams. However in reality her health, relationships and self respect are all suffering at the hands of her romantic myths and her wanting to find love and be accepted.
She turns up late for work. She spends some mornings being sick on the toilet floor.
She has sex with men she shouldn’t. Loving texts are sent to men she should not be texting. Some nights she cannot remember getting home. Other nights she is sick in taxis.
Finally one night Scarlet ends up so drunk on a street after a night out, that a man who is a complete stranger looks in her bag, finds her address and takes her home……

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