After the End

Past productions

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This is what you want. Is it? This is what you’re making me do. This is what you’re making me do to help you. To help you Louise! No more nice. You like bastards? You like a bastard do you?”

Mark and Louise, workmates, live together for two weeks in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. Louise, the cute girl in the office, always thought Mark was quite sweet. Mark, from reprographics, always had a thing for Louise. Tins of chilli, Dungeons and Dragons and a knife: paramount until the bitter end. But After the End the story becomes a reality.

“Every now and then you encounter a production that makes you sit up and stare – and feel a bit like you’ve been punched in the chest, this was certainly the case with After the End… The already claustrophobic space is transformed into a hotbox of psychosis and confrontation… I was taken well out of my theatrical comfort zone by this production, and I was grateful that its unswerving pace did not allow me to slip back in.” (Varisty Newspaper)

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