The Way of the World

Cast & Crew


Betty, Servant Wench to the Chocolate House
Fainall (In love with Mrs. Marwood)
Foible, Woman to Lady Wishfort
Lady Wishfort (Enemy to Mirabell, for having falsely pretended to love her)
Mincing, Woman to Mrs. Millamant
Mirabell (In love with Mrs. Millamant)
Mrs. Fainall, Daughter to Lady Wishfort, and Wife to Fainall, formerly friend to Mirabell
Mrs. Marwood, Friend to Mrs. Fainall and likes Mirabell
Mrs. Millamant, A fine Lady, Niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves Mirabell
Peggy, a Maid in Lady Wishfort’s House
Petulant (Follower of Mrs. Millamant)
Servant to Lady Wishfort
Servant to Mirabell
Sir Wishfull Witwoud, Half Brother to Witwoud, and Nephew to lady Wishfort
Waitwell, Servant to Mirabell
Witwoud (Follower of Mrs. Millamant)


Scenery / Set Designer
Stage Manager


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