Into the West

This production was an adaptation of the film INTO THE WEST, written by Jim Sheridan, directed by Mike Newell and produced by Jonathan Cavendish for Little Bird Productions. It received its stage premiere in Bristol when it was entitled TIR NA N’OG.

Cast & Crew


Grandpa / Pa
other roles


Adaptation by
Company Stage Manager
Composer and MD
Lighting Designer
Production Manager
set design based on original concept for Tir Na N’og by
Technical Stage Manager


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Play description

Finn and Ally have no mother. Their father has withdrawn from the travelling life and they live in a hi-rise block in the city. Grandpa prefers the traditional life, and when he finds a beautiful horse on the road, he brings it to the city. The police try to confiscate the horse, so the children run away to the west with the horse, heading for the place their grandpa has told them about, Tir Na N’og, the land of eternal youth.


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