Edward, My Son

The original announcement of this production in The Stage (12th December 1946, page 4) listed Pauline Letts as Robert Morley’s co-star. In the event, Letts only took on the role, opposite Morley, once Peggy Ashcroft had relinquished it.

Cast & Crew


Arnold Holt
Betty Fowler
Betty Fowler (replacement)
Dr “Larry” Parker
Eileen Perry
Evelyn Holt
Hanray (replacement)
Harry Soames
Mr Prothero
Mr Waxman
Phyllis Maxwell
Phyllis Maxwell (replacement 1)
Evelyn Holt (replacement)
  (started 1948)
Phyllis Maxwell (replacement 2)
  (started 1st March 1948)
Phyllis Maxwell (replacement 3)
  (started June 1948)
Arnold Holt (replacement)
  (started 19th July 1948)
Eileen Perry (replacement)
  (started 19th July 1948)
Cunningham / Summers
  (started 13th September 1948)
Phyllis Maxwell (replacement 4)
  (started 1949)
Arnold Holt (replacement)
  (started 21st February 1949)


Designer & Costumes
Stage Director
Cunningham / Summers


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