The Lily White Boys

Cast & Crew


Musical numbers staged by
Upright Citizen
Upright Citizen
Upright Citizen
Upright Citizen
Upright Citizen


Musical Director/Pianist


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  1. On 30th August 2011 at 8:57 p.m., James noted:

    Im not sure if this is relevant here, but we have recently uncovered a 2 piece vinyl set in a blank sleve, hand written on the outside with ‘MR MARTIN “The Lily White Boys” Original Cast’ Signed by BG Snelling, Room 24. It appears to be cut dtraight from the recording studio. Im very keen to find out any information about this vinyl, and to let any avid fans of the production know of its existance. Any info welcomed!! Thanks

  2. On 15th April 2022 at 7:23 p.m., BEF noted:

    Hello, I remember this show very well. Firstly is there somewhere one can listen to this 2 piece vinyl set of the Lilly White Boys. I would pay good money to hear this once again. I was twelve years old and used to play the washboard in a family skiffle group. Whilst busking at one of our favourite haunts at the exit/entrance of “Sloane Square underground station” we were approached by (I think) the producer or the writer of the Lilly White Boys show. And invited into the Royal Court Theatre. Where we discussed with the producer about learning the songs of the show directed by the the composer himself. We would set ourselves up at the entrance of the theatre, just as we would at the entrance of the tube station and play all the songs from the show as the public entered through the doors of the theatre. As far as I recall, we and our families were rewarded with a free pass to watch the show live and go back stage to meet the stars of the show. Albert Finney!!! Shirley Ann-Field, Georgia Brown and Willoughby Goddard. All very exciting for a bunch of kid buskers. I did manage to find online, a genuine program of the show, which I still have.

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