The Lorenzaccio Story

Cast & Crew


A Goldsmith
Baptista Bellini
Bindo Altoviti
Captain Vitelli
Cardinal Cibo
Charles V
Duke Alessandro
Filippo Strozzi
Francesco Alamanni
Francesco Vettori
Luisa Strozzi
Piero Strozzi
Poor Man
Silk Merchant


Fight Arranger
Light Designer
Music by


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  1. On 6th February 2014 at 4:38 a.m., andyartist100 noted:

    An anecdote related by the actor Alan David about his acting in this production with my dad John Burgess:

    John and I played the Goldsmith and the Silk Merchant who acted as a chorus, commenting on the action of the play. All our scenes were together and always started with a song accompanied by Stephen Oliver on piano.

    One night, John forgot the opening line of one of the songs. Stephen had given us a powerful and joyous introduction and then there was silence. I looked at John. John looked at me. The opening line was not going to be forthcoming! Stephen realised there was a problem and played the introduction again. Silence. I was desperately trying to remember what the line was. So was Stephen. John just smiled and said, “I’ve forgotten the line.” I said, “I think we’ve gathered that.” The audience started laughing. John said something like, “Will you sing your verse and perhaps I’ll then remember mine.” By which time the audience was roaring. A crisis became a wonderful and memorable event shared by all

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