Man and Superman

As part of the Festival of Britain certain performances of the play were given in their entirety including the “Don Juan In Hell” section.

Cast & Crew


Anne Whitefield
Don Juan – Anarchist
Don Juan – Brigand
Don Juan – Brigand
Don Juan – Brigand
Don Juan – Brigand
Don Juan – Don Juan Tonoria
Don Juan – Dona Ana de Ulloa
Don Juan – French Social Democrat
Don Juan – Goatherd
Don Juan – Mendoza The Devil
Don Juan – Officer
Don Juan – Rowdy Social Democrat
Don Juan – Statue of Don Gonzalo
Don Juan – Sulky Social Democrat
Hector Malone
Henry Straker
John Tanner
Miss Ramsden
Miss Ramsden (Replacement)
Mr Malone
Mrs Whitefield
Octavius Robinson
Roebuck Ramsden
Violet Robinson




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Play description

Available online from Project Gutenberg.


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