Little Brother, Little Sister

In the deep shelter where they escaped from the last spasm of global destruction, Sir and Madam (a teenage brother and sister) experiment with the first gropings of love, while Cook, their aged family servant and symbol of timeless authority, snores in her chair
Awakening suddenly she orders them apart, threatening to grind them up for “rissoles” if they don’t behave. But the feelings stirring within them cannot be imprisoned indefinitely

When Cook falls asleep again Sir and Madam resolve to find the door leading outside, away from the restrictions of a life imposed by others and shaped by their failures

As they search for the handle Cook mumbles in her sleep of the old days and of forgotten loves, and when she rouses she speaks to the young people of how it used to be—and can never be again

Then she chastises them for trying to leave and resolves that one of them must be sacrificed if security is to be maintained. But then Sir, acting as though he were Cook’s long-lost lover, pleads his affection —a nd suddenly he is (to her) what he pretends to be

Cook falls eagerly into his arms and, just as abruptly, to her death. She has gone “outside.” Sir and Madam then turn at last towards the door, with only a vague feeling of hopefulness to guide their steps into the unknown which lies before them

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