The Wild Goose Chase

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The Wild Goose Chase is a late Jacobean stage play, a comedy written by John Fletcher, first published in 1652. It is often classed among Fletcher’s most effective and best-constructed plays; Edmund Gosse called it “one of the brightest and most coherent of Fletcher’s comedies, a play which it is impossible to read and not be in a good humour.” The drama’s wit, sparkle, and urbanity anticipated and influenced the Restoration comedy of the later decades of the seventeenth century.

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  1. On 11th January 1668 at 9:53 a.m., Samuel Pepys noted:

    From dinner with Mercer, who dined with us, and wife and Deb. to the King’s house, there to see “The Wild-goose Chase,” which I never saw, but have long longed to see it, being a famous play, but as it was yesterday I do find that where I expect most I find least satisfaction, for in this play I met with nothing extraordinary at all, but very dull inventions and designs.

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