Mixed Doubles

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Originally presented at Hampstead under the title “We Who Are About To…”

Cast & Crew


Harry [‘Score’, by Brook]/The Man [‘Night’, by Pinter]/The Husband [‘Countdown’, by Ayckbourn]/The Old Man [‘Resting Place’, by Campton]
Jackie [‘A Man’s Best Friend’, by Saunders]/The Woman[‘Norma’, by Owen]/Helen [‘Permanence’, by Weldon]/Audrey [‘Silver Wedding’, by Bowen]
Pete [‘A Man’s Best Friend’, by Saunders/The Man [‘Norma’, by Owen]/Peter [‘Permanence’, by Weldon]/Julian [‘Silver Wedding’, by Bowen]
Sheila [‘Score’, by Brook]/ The Woman [‘Night’, by Pinter]/ The Wife [‘Countdown’, by Ayckbourn]/The Old Woman [‘Resting Place’, Campton]
The Vicar/The Bank Manager/The Lawyer/The Nannie/The Psychoanalyst/The Doctor/The Headmaster/The Union Official/The Director


Devised by
Lighting Designer


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  1. On 15th July 2010 at 8:52 p.m., Frank Ellis noted:

    The linking scenes, performed by Victor Maddern, were all written by George Melly.

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